Who We Are

Message from the trustees

Yusef Alhammadi
Saleh Almarri
Mohamed Saif

Welcome to the new home of Nectar Trust. We hope you find our website useful, informative and easy to use.

We are a growing charity with big ambitions and we exist to make a difference. Our aim is to bring communities together and we support projects that enrich the lives of some of the most disadvantaged people in the UK and Continental Europe.

Nectar Trust aspires to encourage and empower people and we are committed to making a meaningful and sustainable impact to society. We believe in empowerment and inclusiveness. We believe in sustainability and innovation. We believe in partnership and excellence.

Above all, we believe in the inherent ability of young people to be the catalyst for positive change in their communities.

As a charity, we are not self-funded and rely solely on the goodwill of our generous supporters to continue the work that we do. Our programme areas and projects are available for support so if you would like to make a contribution please go directly to our donations page.

We hope you find our charity worthy of your support. Thank you in advance for your generosity!