The Syrian Crisis


For more than a billion Muslims across the globe, Ramadan is a time of prayer, fasting, and charity. Fasting plays a vital role in many of the world’s religions and the underlying principles behind it are self-sacrifice, discipline, fortitude, and humility.

We supported a total of 34 Ramadan projects including five countries across Europe where we supported community activities centred around multicultural centres and initiatives.

In the UK, we worked with mosques in cities such as Cardiff, Glasgow, London, Middlesbrough, and Birmingham, where most Islamic Centres provided food for Syrian immigrants and arranged ‘Sharing Ramadan’ events for people from different backgrounds to learn and share.

We also worked directly with The Ramadan Tent Project, an award winning community-led initiative committed to building bridges between individuals, bringing communities together and fostering interfaith dialogue. The project helped more than 10,000 people, a third of whom were from the homeless community. Furthermore, any leftover food was delivered to local shelters in the Euston and Bloomsbury areas of London.