Community Relations Initiatives

Nectar Trust European Project
Donation Goal For This Project is £300,000

Multicultural Centres provide much needed services and support to their local residents, helping to bring people together and create a cohesive community spirit. Nectar Trust is actively supporting a number of centres across Europe:

Association Amal Centre Annour – Mulhouse, France

This project is built on an area of 4,600 m² and consists of a school, which will comprise sports and health facilities, a multi-cultural hall for prayers and other activities and an office. It is expected to be able to accommodate 800 students. When the project is complete, which is expected to be in late 2017, it will benefit 50,000 people in Mulhouse and its suburban areas.

Ass Reform Sociale Hautepierre (ARSH) – Strasburg, France

This multi-purpose cultural centre located on an area of 2500 m² comprises a school for religious study. Facilities include a prayer hall, parking, café, restaurant and offices. It is a space for mediation, education, meetings, dialogue, cooperation and solidarity. When the project is complete, which is expected to be in October 2017, it will benefit 12,000 residents.

Fonds De Dotation Passerelles – France

We entered into a partnership with this organisation to support various projects in the area.

UCOII – Milan, Italy

This project is a multi-purpose community centre for cultural and social activities such as: activities for young people and women, capacity building and interfaith activities. It will comprise a sports hall, an educational training hall as well as a prayer hall and will be located on an area covering 5200 m². When the project is complete, which is expected to be in 2019, it will serve around 100,000 people from the community. This will also directly benefit tourists who visit the province of Milan (estimated to be around 5.5 million tourists a year).