Our Programme Areas

Each of Nectar Trust’s core programme areas aim to bring communities together by addressing challenges in society. We work with key partners across the UK and Continental Europe to enhance, empower and strengthen communities where we can make a difference.

Currently, our programme areas are as follows:

Community Relations

We help disadvantaged young people develop their skills and confidence and encourage them to take leading roles in their communities. We work with both religious and non-religious centres to encourage joint solutions to shared community problems.

Economic Empowerment

We help disadvantaged young people achieve their true potential through economic empowerment, education and employment. We work to empower women and prepare students for the workplace by encouraging them to set up social enterprises.

Humanitarian Response

Nectar Trust responds to humanitarian crises in countries where natural disaster or conflict has put people’s lives at risk. We work together, with our partners, to reach areas where we can provide the most effective on the ground support. 

Cultural Engagement

We help to develop the physical and mental capacities of marginalised and disenfranchised young people through sports and arts activities. We provide opportunities for young people to explore new activities and to realise their own skills and talents.