Nectar Trust at a glance

QCUK is a registered UK charity

Launched 2014

Nectar Trust was launched in 2014 to help disadvantaged people in the UK and Europe;

QCUK Family

Nectar Trust is part of the Qatar Charity family but operates autonomously to focus exclusively on projects that address challenges in the region;

Positive Impact

We partner with organisations working directly with communities to enable us to make a positive impact;

Humanitarian Relief

QCUK responds to development and humanitarian needs, wherever in the world people are affected by poverty, war, disaster, crisis or other needs;

Locally Committed

QCUK is committed to providing opportunities for people in disadvantaged areas of the UK and Continental Europe;


QCUK helps investors in the UK and Continental Europe to get the most impact from their philanthropic contributions;


We are also committed to transparency and compliance;

Innovative Projects

We are committed to seeking out new and innovative projects to support;

Project Evalution

We rigorously evaluate the projects we support to ensure the most effective intervention and the best possible value for money;

Running Cost

Like any other organisation in the UK, we have operating costs. However, we endeavour to keep these to a minimum to ensure that projects receive the best possible financial support;

Research & Development

We invest a considerable amount of time into identifying areas where we can make a real difference and finding out what works (and why). This helps us to replicate our most successful projects elsewhere, enabling many more people to benefit from tried and tested techniques;

Yousef Bin Ahmed Al Kuwari | Chairman of QCUK

” QCUK aspires to encourage and empower people and we are committed to making a meaningful and sustainable impact to society. We believe in empowerment and inclusiveness. We believe in sustainability and innovation. We believe in partnership and excellence. “